How to merge PDF files?

Sometimes you receive various files from many people – documents, spreadsheets and e-mail attachments. Now you can easily combine and organize them into one PDF. This format is easier to share or send. How to merge PDF files?

There are situations when PDF files are mixed up and viewing may take a long time. It may also happen that the information you need is in different PDF files and you want to combine them into one file. In these situations, you’ll need a tool that will help you merge PDF files into one document so that you can properly manage PDF files and make it easier to view the files you need without wasting time.

Combine and merge files into one PDF

  • Opening Acrobat DC and joining files: Open the Tools tab and select the Link files option.
  • Add files: Click the Add Files button and select the files you want to include in the PDF document. You can merge PDF files alone or PDF files together with other formats.
  • Arranging and deleting content: Click, drag and drop files to change their order. To delete an item, press the Delete key.
  • File joining: When the layout is ready, click file joining.
  • Save as PDF: Name the file and click Save. Finished.
How to merge PDF files?


A reliable web-based application that can help you manage PDF files without spending a penny. Using this program, you can easily convert Word, PPT, etc. files to a PDF file or immediately convert a PDF document to another format. In addition, the tool also has other functions for managing PDF files, adding watermarks and signatures, sharing, securing and merging PDF files. To combine PDFs for free, follow the steps below. Just go to the Merge PDF page.

Then load PDF files that need to be processed by clicking the “Choose File” option or by dragging the files directly to the tool interface. Wait until all files have been uploaded in full.

After all files have been successfully loaded, you can add another PDF file, or you can start the merging process by clicking the “Merge” button below the uploaded PDF files. Let the tool show what it can do.

Combine PDF

Combine PDF is the next application on our list bears. As the name suggests, it combines multiple PDF files into one. However, it can also be used as a PDF converter, which allows you to save them in any format or convert to PDF. The application allows you to process up to 20 PDF documents, which is especially useful if you are going to process visit Combine PDF page. On the page, select “Combine PDF” at the top of the application.

Then open the file you want to combine by clicking “SUBMIT FILES” or simply drag the files to the program interface.

PDF Merge

PDF Merge is another program with which you can combine PDF files online. The application is intended only to combine multiple PDF files into one file. By default, you can process up to 4 PDF documents at once, but if you need to process 5 or more PDF files, you can add a slot by clicking “More files”. The application is solid enough and provides the right quality. To combine PDF files, follow these steps.

  • Open PDF Merge in a web browser.
  • Upload files that you want to combine.
  • After loading all files, click “Merge!” To start merging PDF files. After processing, the application will automatically start downloading files.



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