How to boil potatoes?

Potatoes from the water are served in every home. But how do they make them tasty – not too dry, but not overcooked? Of course, the basis of the taste of potatoes is their species. The best are Polish new potatoes cooked in summer. But what can be done to make the older ones prepared in winter tasty and well cooked? How to boil potatoes?

It would seem that cooking potatoes is very easy. And yes. Potatoes are easy to prepare, but is the whole process properly prepared? In order for the potatoes to be well cooked, a few very important rules should be observed, which will allow the maximum preservation of taste values ​​and the least possible loss of potato minerals.

Cooking Potatoes

As a rule, we boil the potatoes in water. We need a large, deep pot for this. The time to cook potatoes depends on their size. The larger the potato, the longer it cooks. If we don’t cook potatoes in their skins, we have to peel them. While peeling, try to immerse the knife very shallow, so that the dark layer itself leaves them. A lot of nutritional value is in the potato just under the skin. Similarly with cooking temperature. Vitamin C contained in potatoes easily disappears in cold water. Therefore, it will be better if we throw our potatoes in already boiling water.

How to boil potatoes?

We often ask ourselves how to cook potatoes so that they are juicy, not brittle and do not fall apart. There are different ways to do this. One of them is adding a few tablespoons of oil to the water in which our potatoes will boil. Still another theory is about frying onions, which should then be added to the boiling potatoes.

Potatoes can also be cooked in so-called uniforms. This means that we don’t always have to peel them. Young potatoes, which are experiencing their hottest time in the summer, are definitely best suited for this. However, we must remember to clean such potatoes.

How to save potassium and vitamins?

There is another school for cooking potatoes in hot water. Potatoes are put into boiling water, because this is how the most vitamin C is stored, which breaks down faster in cold water. Vitamin C stops dissolving at around 700C. In addition, potassium from potatoes “turns” with salt, because they are chemically similar, so potatoes should be salted at the very end.

Boiled potatoes with water

To keep the most vitamins, you should cook potatoes in their skins (i.e. in the skin) – the most vitamins are under the skin. Wash potatoes thoroughly before cooking – it’s best to scrub them with a toothbrush. When the potatoes are clean, peeled, we put them in boiling water and salt. Cook for about 30 minutes until tender. Drain and boil the boiled potatoes.



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