How to connect a laptop to TV?

There are at least several reasons for connecting these two devices. In the case of old TVs, connecting a laptop is the only chance to be able to use applications such as Netflix, HBO GO or Ipla. They are only available for Smart TV devices. How to connect a laptop to TV?

It is difficult to answer clearly the question of how to connect a laptop to a TV. First of all, because we have hundreds of models in the world that have been produced over the years. Technologies and possibilities have changed. Therefore, here I will focus on several of the most popular options, which for most will probably prove sufficient.

How to connect a laptop to a TV? Via HDMI

 The HMDI cable is currently the most popular digital connector that will connect your laptop to the TV. You can buy it for a small price in almost every electronics store. HDMI is the main multimedia input on the vast majority of modern TVs. Most laptops also have them, including some older models. One cable allows you to send surround sound and video up to 4K resolution. If you set the TV to the HDMI channel, most often the laptop will automatically configure the connection. Otherwise, set the appropriate resolution in the Display menu in the Control Panel, and in case of further problems select the option “Connect external screen”.

Other digital and analog-digital connectors

If any of the devices, especially the laptop, does not have an HDMI input, you can connect the computer to the TV using other connectors. 

Micro HDMI, Display Port, Mini Display Port. Some laptops have a smaller HDMI version or a larger or smaller digital Display Port interface similar to HDMI (for example, MacBooks are often equipped with a Mini Display Port). In this case, you may need to change the audio source in the TV settings for the correct audio transmission. 

How to connect a laptop to TV?

DVI. Some TV sets also have DVI inputs, which can be found in desktop computers and laptops (mainly older ones). The DVI standard will allow digital-to-analog video transmission, but it does not support 4K resolution. In addition, you’ll need a separate audio cable with 3.5mm jack plugs that plug into the audio jack on the TV and the headphone jack on the laptop.


How to connect a laptop to a TV if there is no identical port on both devices? You have two options. You can buy a special cable with two different terminals (e.g. Micro HDMI / Display Port / Mini Display Port and HDMI), but often it will be easier to use an HDMI cable and an adapter to convert the signal (e.g. Display Port-HDMI or DVI-HDMI).

VGA cable and connecting older equipment

Older computers / laptops and TVs used the VGA port for video transmission. You will need an additional cable to transfer the sound, just like DVI. If both devices have VGA inputs, a video cable is sufficient. However, if any of them has the HMDI input disabled, you need to buy a VGA-HDMI converter and a VGA cable. Remember that VGA is an analog connector that is prone to interference. Analog connections work well when high image resolution is not required.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi?

Both some of the new laptops and TVs (e.g. Sony Bravia) support the Wi-Fi Direct standard, which greatly facilitates wireless connection of these devices. Wi-Fi Direct is a Bluetooth-like wireless technology in which communication between devices takes place directly, bypassing the router.


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