Let evening dresses shine in the shop window

Sequins, zircons, pearls, tinsel…

Evening dresses are usually richly adorned and therefore they also need a suitable frame that would put them in the limelight in the shop window and draw customers’ looks. We’ll show you how you can create a perfect background for evening dresses in just a few steps.

Rely on contrasts

The background color should be in contrast to the clothes. So if you want to present evening dresses in classic colors such as red or black, opt for a light background in white or beige. Such a combination will look very noble. Gold garments, on the other hand, will stand out brilliantly against the black color. The same applies to female mannequins – the color of the mannequin should not merge with that of the dress.

Choose mannequins

Not every mannequin fits every collection. Elegant clothing requires mannequins in a classic shape, with headboards and delicately accentuated body lines like the figures from the Aegon collection by More Mannequins. They radiate a certain lightness and the matt surface gives the whole shop window an elegant look.

Less is more

Since evening dresses are usually very lavishly decorated, it is important to decorate the shop window simply. Too many elements could distract customers’ attention from the clothes and make the shop window look cheesy and cluttered. What shouldn’t be missing here, however, are subtle accent lights in which all the tinsel, sequins and stones could beautifully reflect. This is how they create a stylish glamor effect! This is especially important in the case of expensive exclusive collections.

Where to buy mannequins matching the style of the store and the latest collection?

Please visit the More Mannequins website, where everyone will find perfectly matched mannequins. Abstract, modern or custom mannequins will suit your evening gowns. A wide selection and the highest quality of workmanship will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Check out our full offer or send an inquiry on the website:



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